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Demographic Estimates and Projections are ideally suited for business users and researchers who need to know where to market, where to expand, and how to allocate resources. GeoLytics� current year estimates and 5-year projections provide researchers with the necessary data to identify changes occurring in communities in the years since the 2010 Census and forecast the demographic trends that are likely to occur in the future.

With Estimates Professional you get all of the basic current year estimates and 5-year projection data as well as 100s of additional variables. These include sex by age by race, educational attainment, consumer expenditures and more.

Estimates Premium includes all of the basic and Professional variables and also includes poverty, employment, family income, median home values and median rents. The geographic selections are also expanded to include cities, towns and MSAs.

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Market Segmentation

GeoLytics now offers a market segmentation tool. Our SPECTRUM segments allow users to profile their customers as well as evaluate locations for their suitability. This specialized product can help you compete with large businesses that have large marketing research budgets.

Each of the 208,000 block groups are classified into sixty-four segments on the basis of a wide range of demographic characteristics. The idea behind segmentation is that people tend to gravitate towards communities with other people of similar backgrounds, interests, and income. Thus using our segmentation models you will be able to find other like-minded individuals to your current customer database.

Geocoding & TelcoCD

Our Geocoding and Zip+4 products let users append demographic information to their files by street addresses, latitude/longitude, or zip+4. Geocoding can be done for a single address in our SiteDVD, which produces a detailed demographic report for three radii around your address or latitude/longitude. Geocoding can also be accomplished in a batch mode of thousands or millions of addresses with our GeocodeDVD. If you don't have complete street addresses, our Zip+4 CD appends geographic and demographic information to each zip+4 record. TelcoCD maps and profiles telephone area codes, area codes with their 3 digit prefix code, and local calling areas. Lastly, StreetDVD provides hundreds of geographic layers released by the U.S. Census Bureau to enhance your mapping software products.

Geocode API Tool Kit - Add geocoding capabilities to any Windows� based application that you are building. The Geocoding API Tool Kit is a set of programming and data tools that allow a programmer to add geocoding capabilities to a project. The set includes geocoding database files, application extensions, header files, documentation, and programming samples. The API is available for Microsoft's� .NET platform only.

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Census 2010 / ACS

Census 2010 - The 2010 Census products include: Summary File 1 (SF1) and Redistricting. These are both available down to the block level as well as at the block group, tract, zip code tabulation area, county, etc.

American Community Survey (ACS) is released annually. The data set includes the 1-year, 3-year and 5-year estimates. The 2005-09ACS is still in the existing 2000 boundaries, the 2006-2010 ACS and all subsequent releases are in the 2010 boundaries. The 2011 and subsequent releases include zip codes as a geography. The new version of the product is released in February for the year concluding 14 months earlier.

Bundled Packages�Big Savings

Time Series Research Package - This comprehensive package includes all of our census datasets fiporor complete historical analysis: the full Censuses (1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 1990 Blocks, 2000 Redistricting, 2000 Short Form, 2000 Long Form, 2000 Blocks, 2010 Redistricting, 2010 Summary File 1, 2010 American Community Survey) as well as all of our Normalized data products (Neighborhood Change Database, 2000 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries, 1990 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries, 1980 in 2010 Boundaries, 1990 Long Form in 2000 Boundaries, 1980 in 2000 Boundaries, 2010 Summary File 1 in 2000 Boundaries.

Planners Package � includes 4 time periods of data � 2000 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries, 2010 American Community Survey and then our current year estimates and 5-year projections. Thus allowing you to easily compare nearly 20 years of data in 4 distinct times all in the same geographic boundaries.

Planners Package Plus � add the 1990 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries to the Planners Package for a 5 snapshot now covering nearly 30 years.

Census Reference Package - A bundled package that includes all of our Census data sets: the Complete Census 2010 Package, along with the Long Forms for the previous four decades: CensusCD1960, CensusCD1970, CensusCD 1980, CensusCD 1990 and CensusDVD 2000 Long Form, Short Form and Redistricting.

Census 2010 Package / 2010 Plus - The official Census 2010 is comprised of the 2010 Redistricting and the 2010 Summary File 1 (SF1). The 2010 Package Plus also includes the 2010 American Community Survey (ACS)

Census 2000 Package - This bundled package includes all of our 2000 Census products on CD: Long Form, Short Form, Redistricting, and both block level products.

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Normalized Data

Comparing data from different census years can be a difficult task due to changing geographic boundaries. Our Normalized Data Product line assists researchers with comparisons of data across time by adjusting and weighting the census data to account for changes in geographies.

Our individual normalized product line includes:

Neighborhood Change Database (1970-2010) - this Tract level product allows you to easily compare data from 1970, 80, 90, 2000, and soon 2010 data in one report. The 2010 NCDB will be released at the end of the Summer 2013.

1990 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries - the entire 1990 Long Form data set normalized to the various 2010 boundaries.

1980 in 2010 Boundaries - the entire 1980 Long and Short Form data sets normalized to the various 2010 boundaries.

1990 Long Form in 2000 BoundariesBoundaries - the entire 1990 Long Form data set normalized to the various 2000 boundaries.

1980 in 2000 BoundariesBoundaries - the entire 1980 Long and Short Form data sets normalized to the various 2000 boundaries.

Our normalized product packages include:

Time Series Research Package - includes all of our normalized data products AND all of the official Census data � from 1960 to 2010.

Planners Package - includes the 2000 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries, the 2010 ACS, and our Estimates and Projections so you get 4 time points to compare in the same geographic boundaries.

CensusCD Neighborhood Change Database [NCDB] - This single CD product is the easiest way to compare 1000 variables from each of the 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010 US Censuses.The 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000 data sets come in both its year-specific boundaries and also weighted to the 2010 Census Tract boundaries. When you use it in the year-specific format, the data and maps are identical to that found in the CensusCD product for that given year. However, the NCDB is limited to Census Tracts only. Therefore, smaller geographies (block group) or larger geographies (zip code, county, or state) are not available in the NCDB. This product is ideally suited for neighborhood (tract) time series analysis over the five census periods. Regional planning groups, government agencies, and researchers looking at changes over time for these smaller areas often find this to be the best choice.

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Census 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000

Export data files and map population demographics in seconds with GeoLytics Census CD's for 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990. Access to historic census data had never been easier with this suite of historic census data products. These products offer all of their historic census data in their original geographic boundaries.

CensusCD 2000 - we have the Long Form (SF3), Short Form (SF1), Redistricting and block products comprising a full suite of 2000 census based products.

CensusCD 1990 Long Form - Complete 1990 Long Form (STF3) census data, plus a built-in mapping function. Includes about 3500 variables and 11 boundaries such as tracts, block groups, zip codes, MSA and more.

CensusCD 1990 Blocks - The entire Census 1990 Short Form (STF1) data set and boundaries for 7 million census blocks available on a single disk. Micro-level 1990 census data available in an instant right on your own personal computer.

CensusCD 1980 - The complete 1980 Census Long and Short Form date sets. This CD includes 1500 variables: 1200 from the Long Form and 300 from the Short Form. Data and mapping capabilities for county, MCD, place, tract and block group. The country was not fully tracted in 1980; there is no tract or block group data available in untracted areas.

CensusCD 1970 - 1970 Census Long Form data with over 5,000 variables. It has data and mapping capabilities for counties and tracts, and data only for MCDs and places. The country was not fully tracted in 1970; there is no tract data available in untracted areas.

CensusCD 1960 - 1960 Census Urban Long Form includes data for 22,871 tracts from the urban parts of the country. The US Census Bureau did not fully tract the US until 1990 so there is only data available for the urban areas (or what was urban in 1960).Also included in this urban file is data for 175 SMSAs (Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas or cities with their surrounding suburbs). The data is also included for the 175 Central Cities without their suburbs. There are 441 variables for each of these three geographies.

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Mailing Lists

With your GeoLytics account, you can:

Select from over 150 million addresses in the US – encompassing a full 96% of all the residential and business addresses. Every month they are checked and cleaned to ensure that they are kept to USPS postal standards. Willowbend, which owns and maintains this file also has a file of addresses that are verified to exist, but for one reason or another they do not accept mail delivery at those addresses. There are over 10 million records in this data set.

Specify areas within your general service area that meet your targeted requirements based upon age, race, income, marital status, educational attainment, employment, owners vs renters, rent, housing value, age of the housing unit, how long folks have lived in the housing unit, number of vehicles, and more.

Build a list 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere, and at any time

Preview and refine your leads, get a price quote and download your mailing lists

Business Data

GeoLytics offers reliable and accurate business and marketing information software that is within the budgets of small and medium-sized businesses. We can help you compete with large businesses that have large marketing research budgets.

Make sure you have all the answers with our suite of business software products with GeoLytics' complete Business Package. We have zip code level demographic data for 1990, 2000, 2010, current year, and 5-year projections. Plus many other levels of geography including tracts and block groups.GeoLytics also has industry data in our Business Demographics CD. This CD includes the 2000 Census, the Business Census, current year population estimates, consumer expenditures, and 5-year population projections. Data is available for the nation, state, county, and zip code. It is easily exportable for use in your own spreadsheets, statistical programs, or mapping software.

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Crime Reports

Crime Reports allow access to the UNIFORM CRIME REPORTING PROGRAM DATA for 9 years: 1998-2006 from the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation. The data contains 669 crime variables from 19464 agencies.

The data can be seen at the national level or broken down to the state or agency level. The reports are created in multiple formats (comma separated, tab separated, dbf, or a summary report) to be exported to other statistical and database applications. The national or state data can be run as a map but there are no boundaries for mapping of the agency based files.

Source of Data: U.S. Dept. of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation. UNIFORM CRIME REPORTING PROGRAM DATA. Compiled by the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports - We regularly run custom reports for individuals and agencies providing just the variables needed for the area specified. Sometimes it is a radius around a potential location that a customer is thinking of developing and needs to know how many people there are within 3 miles and what their income levels are. Other times it is information about ethnic breakouts by tracts across a state or the country at large. These are generally run right out of our products and are usually purchased by groups that do not need the complete software (or don't want to learn how to use it). These customers generally only need one set of answers and a custom report is a quicker and simpler solution. Reports start at $150.

Area Segmentation - We can create a specific weighting file to determine which parts of an area qualify using your agency specifications. You tell us what your target audience has as its characteristics and we will rank order the entire area by how well it correlates to this target profile.

For example, we created a weighting file for a state government agency that needed to determine which Block Groups in their state met the mandated definition of "Distressed Block Groups". In their state to be "distressed" it had to meet at least 5 of 8 indicators (high unemployment, low high school graduation rates, high child poverty rates, high senior poverty rates, high single-mother with children in poverty rates, low per capita income, high percentage of minorities, high percentage of multiple people sharing living limited space). This file will then be used to determine which block groups are distressed and the level of distress. The government agency will then use this as the method for determining where to invest in programs, where to offer additional resources, and what areas qualify for different funding sources. We can custom tailor the variables used and the cut-offs to meet whatever your agency or state needs require. The pricing for this sort of project is about $2,500 depending upon the constraints.

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Special Data Sets

Geocoding Services - Geocoding takes an entire database of addresses and assigns the appropriate latitude/longitude coordinate to each address. It then assigns the Census Block for that coordinate. Our GeocodeDVD goes one step further. As a default we will append 60+ demographic variables to each address. But as a service we can also customize the demographic data appended to better meet your specific needs. The appended data will allow you to profile your customers or identify locational differences between stores. Customers normally purchase our GeocodeDVD and geocode their address lists themselves, but if you don't want to have to do it yourself, we would be happy to do it for you. The pricing will depend upon the number of addresses being coded and whether or not we need to append custom selected variables.

Custom-built Databases / Full Product Development
Below are two examples; one is a dataset, the other an entire product designed to meet the specific requirements of two organizations. A third example is the Neighborhood Change Database, which we built for the Urban Institute, with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
HUD awarded GeoLytics Solicitation number Q1Q-NCS-P0014 to Develop a Data Access Tool for 1990 Census Data STF4 Tables 59 and 60. These data provide detailed information regarding housing conditions, and are of great importance to HUD economists. GeoLytics was asked to develop a database "Housing/Data Access Tool" (H/DAT), that would allow HUD personnel who need to access these data an easy way to select, process, report, and map these data.

During this project it was necessary for GeoLytics to import, clean, validate and then process the original data. The data was then converted into a proprietary compressed format. The final product has a menu-driven interface that allows the user to form his/her own queries and thus create his/her own custom set of data from these tables. To make the reporting more powerful we also added a mapping component that displays the various geographic levels.

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Online Data & Maps

Download demographic data directly from the Internet at anytime and from any PC with GeoLytics Online Demographic Data and Maps. For the same price as our CDs and DVDs, you can now get many of your favorite databases online. No need to load software to your computer and carry around disks from your home office to your business. With GeoLytics Online Products and Maps, you have all the data you need available directly over the Internet.

Test-drive the On-Line Data and Maps with the FREE Census 2000 Data and Maps. Take a preview of our on-line demographic data and get FREE downloads of U.S. Census 2000 data.

More demographic products are coming online every week, so check back often and consider upgrading your current CD or DVD to the online version for only $100.

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  • 2019 Estimates / 2024 Projections - are based upon the 2010 Census and 2010 ACS files and then modeled out to the current year estimates and 5 year projections at the nation, state, county, zip code, tract, and block group levels. Our estimates are available at three different levels: Estimates Basic which gives all of the basic variables you need (age, race, gender, income, owners vs renters), then our Estimates Professional which has the basic variables plus consumer expenditures, educational attainment and ageXrageXgender. And lastly there is our Estimates Premium which adds employment and poverty figures in addition to the others.
  • Extended Estimates - In addition to offering Current Year Estimates and 5-Year Projections we now also have 10-Year and 15-Year Projections. So you can get 2019 / 2024 / 2029 / 2034 data.
  • 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) - the most current look at the American population. The 2017 ACS contains data on Income, Employment, Educational Attainment, Housing Value, etc. is now available. The ACS contains 1 year (2017) and 5 year (2013-2017) data sets and is available for block groups, tracts, zip codes, etc.
  • GeocodeDVD 2018 - Improved address matching with the latest TIGER/Line® Shapefiles and the ability to map the addresses on a built-in map viewer.
  • Zip+4 2018 - Zip+4 2018 includes geographic indicators as well as 130 demographic variables from the 2016 American Community Survey (ACS) that can be appended to your zip+4 records at the block group level. The expanded version of the Zip+4 2018 with 2018 Estimates & 2023 Projections has even more up-to-date demographic data that you can append to your zip+4 records.
  • 2018 Block Estimates - the 2018 population and housing estimates at the Block Level, the Census Bureau's smallest geography.
  • Neighborhood Change Database - includes Tract level data from 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2000 all normalized to the 2010 tract boundaries. NCDB also includes 2010 SF1 and ACS data sets. You can easily do time series analysis covering 5 decades of data all in a common boundary set.
  • 1990 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries - this data set has all of the 1990 Long Form variables normalized to the new 2010 boundaries. Allowing for easy comparable analysis between 1990 and 2010 data sets.
  • Batch Site Report - allows you to easily run a 3-ring radii report around an entire database of addresses. So you can process a hundred, a thousand, even a hundred thousand addresses in a single pass.
  • 2000 Long Form (SF3) in 2010 Boundaries - this includes all of the 2000 Long Form variables cross-walked to the new 2010 boundaries. Allowing for easy apples-to-apples comparisons between 2000 and 2010 data sets.
  • Summary File 1 (SF1) 2010 in 2000 Boundaries allows you to compare the 2010 Summary File 1 numbers to the 2000 census data (and the data normalized to the 2000 boundaries). This includes Total Population, Race, Age, Gender etc.
  • 2010 Census - Comprised of Redistricting and Summary File 1. They provide counts of the total population, race, ethnicity, age, family structure and housing units for each of the new 2010 geographic areas. These products also include all of the boundary files for these geographies.
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    • Census 2000 - Long Form (SF3), Short Form (SF1) and Redistricting
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    • Bundled Packages (1990, 2000, 2010, current year Estimates and 5-year Projections all in the same 2010 boundaries)
    • Historic Census - 1990, 1980 and 1970 Long Forms (STF3)

GeoLytics is an industry leader, providing demographic data, census demographics, market research data, and geocoding for social researchers and business marketing since 1996. Our easy-to-use software comes with built-in mapping capabilities that create thematic maps for instant spatial display of your demographic information. Business and marketing personnel use GeoLytics data for target marketing, customer profiling, and business site selection. More than 4,000 libraries, universities, and government agencies trust GeoLytics for our population estimates, population projections,
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