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Site Location Analysis

Choosing the right location for your office or store can make all of the difference in the world. We have the products to aide you in analyzing the people that live in the surrounding areas. We can help you determine where you should look or if you already have a spot in mind assist in confirming that it is the right kind of location.

Our SiteDVD can run multiple radii around a location if you already have selected your site. As can our Spectrum Marketing Segmentation product. If you are trying to figure out where to locate however then you will want to use either the Marketing Segmentation or our Estimates and Projections - in either case you can look at the demographics for all of the block groups or zip codes in an area or even in the whole state or whole country. To then determine where there is the right mix of people to best support your store.

Target your best business site location with the SiteDVD. This very easy to use DVD lets you enter an address and effortlessly run ring analysis around your location. SiteDVD provides a comprehensive report of demographic information in 3 rings around any address that you enter. This DVD is best suited for businesses that need to target population, income, employment, education, and other variables in detailed and accurate site reports. SiteDVD offers superior desktop power to run your own site reports as needed and when needed, so you no longer have to rely on expensive consultants to run reports for you. The SiteDVD is so user-friendly that anyone can use the software to explore business options and marketing potential.

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Spectrum Market Segmentation will tell you all of the segments of the population who live in the immediate neighborhood around a given address. It will return the list of those profiles in the area as well as telling you how many people are in each profile for your area.

For more information about Spectrum Market Segmentation, please click here

To order Spectrum Market Segmentation, please click here

Add up-to-date estimates and projections to your site location report with Current year Estimates and 5-year Projections. This product is ideally suited for business users who need to know where to market, where to expand, and how to allocate resources. The Estimates and Projections let researchers identify changes that have already occurred in communities since the 2000 Census and forecasts demographic changes that are likely to occur in the future.

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