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The Business Package is your complete reference and analytic source for researching and answering essential business and marketing questions through five easy-to-use software products.

  • GeocodeDVD - Customer and client profiling made simple. This DVD lets you run address files and assign coordinates, as well as append 60+ demographic variables so you can locate and profile your customers and clients. This particular product has a one-year license with a limit of 5 million addresses. As a Business Package, you will be entitled to one free upgrade and discounted prices for renewals and/or larger address limits.
  • Zip+4 2009 - Export complete lists of Zip+4 records when you don't have customer or client lists with complete addresses. Zip+4 2007 assigns latitude/longitude coordinates and census block group, tract, and county codes and appends demographics data based on the 2000 Census.
  • CensusCD +Maps 1990-2000 - Analyze demographic trends and map them in high quality maps with the CensusCD +Maps 1990-2000. This dataset has about 350 variables from both the 1990 data as well as 2000 census data. Track changes through time with this powerful two-decade census dataset at the zip code, county, MCD, and other geographies.
  • 2009 Estimates and 2014 Projections - Add our most recent Estimates and Projections data to your neighborhood or site location analysis.
  • SiteDVD 2009 - Target your best business site location with a ring analysis around your target address location. This product lets you run up to three rings around an address providing demographic information on such items as age, race, households, income, employment, education, housing, and more.

For a smaller business and marketing package, see GeoLytics' Trend Analyst Package. The Trend Analyst Package has just three products: the SiteDVD 2009 - for running ring analysis and site location reports, CensusCD +Maps 1990-2000 - giving you two decades of demographic data, and Estimates and Projections - giving you our most current demographic data.

Additional Census, Demographic, and Geographic Data can be added to your package from any of our other data products. Please visit our main GeoLytics' Products Page.


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