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CensusCD 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000

Export data files and map population statistics in seconds with GeoLytics Census CD's for 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000. Access to historic census data had never been easier with this suite of historic census data products. These products offer all of their historic census data in their original geographic boundaries.

If you are comparing these data to either the 2000 or the 2010 Census data, then you may wish to purchase from our normalized data products. All of our normalized data products have data expressed in the 2000 or the 2010 Census Boundaries. We have already done the task of cross-walking the historic data to the 2000 or 2010 boundaries for you, so you can quickly and easily compare data from different census years.

Blacks in NYC Metro Area: Census 1970
Light Red Areas have >2% to 14 % and Dark Red Areas have >14%

Census 2000 Package: includes all of our 2000 Products: Long Form, Short Form, Redistricting, and the 2 Block products. This gives you access to all of the 2000 data for all of the geographies.

2000 Long Form (SF3) has all of the most important variables, such as income, employment, housing value, educational attainment, along with most of the variables from the Short Form etc.

2000 Short Form (SF1) is the 100% count data that all Americans are required to complete. It has the basic information about Americans age, race, gender, family structure. The 2000 Short Form also has detailed tract-level information about Hispanic, Native Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders background categories

2000 Short Form Blocks is the SF1 data set but at the block level covering all 8.2 million blocks in the US.

Redistricting is the file that Congress uses to redraw the boundaries. This data set is very limited but has a very robust geographic boundary file including things like Voter Districts, Upper and Lower State Houses, school districts, etc.

Redistricting Blocks this has the same data limitations and robust geographic abilities. This is the basis for creating area-to-area correspondence files.

CensusCD 1990 Long Form - Complete 1990 Census Long Form (STF3) census data, plus a built-in mapping function. Includes about 3500 variables and 11 boundaries such as tracts, block groups, zip codes, MSA and more.

CensusCD 1990 Blocks - The entire 1990 Census Short Form (STF1) data set and boundaries for 7 million census blocks available on a single disk. Micro-level 1990 census data available in an instant right on your own personal computer.

CensusCD 1980 - The complete 1980 Census Long and Short Form date sets. This CD includes 1500 variables: 1200 from the Long Form and 300 from the Short Form. Data and mapping capabilities for county, MCD, place, tract and block group. The country was not fully tracted in 1980; there is no tract or block group data available in untracted areas.

CensusCD 1970 - 1970 Census Long Form data with over 5,000 variables. It has data and mapping capabilities for counties and tracts, and data only for MCDs and places. The country was not fully tracted in 1970; there is no tract data available in untracted areas.

CensusCD 1960 - 1960 Census Urban Long Form includes data for 22,871 tracts from the urban parts of the country. The US Census Bureau did not fully tract the US until 1990 so there is only data available for the urban areas (or what was urban in 1960).

Also included in this urban file is data for 175 SMSAs (Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas or cities with their surrounding suburbs). The data is also included for the 175 Central Cities without their suburbs. There are 441 variables for each of these three geographies.


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