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Census 1980 in 2010 Boundaries

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Census 1980 in 2010 Boundaries includes both the 100% count (STF-1) and the Long Form (STF-3) data, down to the block group level in one convenient source. Census 1980 in 2010 Boundaries gives you over 1,500 demographic variables for every Block Group, Tract, Place, Zip Code (ZCTA), County, and State, as well as for the Nation as a whole. It covers 1980 population and housing attributes with data on age, race, ancestry, gender, poverty, income, education, commuting, employment, rent, home ownership, housing value, size of housing, heating systems, and even bathrooms. Users can select one or several data items in customized reports and all the data can be exported.

Census 1980 demographic variables in the 2010 Boundaries

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