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2000 Long Form CensusCD or DVD

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Census 2000 Long Form

The Census 2000 Long Form is the most complete source of detailed information about the people, housing, and economy of the United States. The CensusCD/DVD 2000 Long Form offers the entire US Census Bureau's SF3 dataset in an integrated data and software package.

This dataset contains variables such as income, housing, employment, language spoken, ancestry, education, poverty, rent, mortgage, commute to work, etc. There are 5,500 variables at the Block Group level and over 10,000 more variables at the larger geographies such as tract, zip code, county and state level. For a complete list of variables, click here. The dataset includes all of the available cross-tabulated variables (income by age, employment by race) released by the US Census Bureau.

CensusCD/DVD 2000 Long Form, like all of our census-based products, comes with built-in data viewing and exporting capabilities as well as thematically shaded, color-mapping capabilities. With a few quick keystrokes you can generate full-blown maps or tables. You can extract data as dbf, ASCII, shape, or mid/mif files and use them as input files for other programs e.g. statistical (SAS, SPSS), database (Access, Oracle), spreadsheet (Excel, 1-2-3), and mapping (Arc View, MapInfo). You can even export any of the geographic boundaries into the mapping packages.

The intuitive software interface makes it simple to search for and select the data you're interested in. You can custom tailor reports down to the block group level, around a central point, or for a large array of areas all at once. 2000 Long Form even lets you create and map your own computed fields from the data.

How Can Census 2000 Long Form Benefit You?

US Population Density by County created from the Census 2000 Long Form DVD

Census 2000 Long Form lets you easily explore, analyze, and visualize an enormous amount of details about the people, housing, industry, economy, and places in the United States - right from your PC.

The data on Census 2000 Long Form is used every day by marketing analysts and researchers, media companies, utilities, community planners, health professionals, real estate consultants, business owners, social and political researchers, state and local governments, journalists and librarians. Anyone who needs detailed demographic information will benefit enormously from Census 2000 Long Form.


The 2000 Long Form data set is so vast that even with our powerful compression it still took 4 CDs to hold all of the variables and geographies. Now we are offering the complete Long Form (SF3) on a single DVD. With the DVD, it is possible to run reports for the entire nation in a single pass. The 2000 Long Form DVD upgrade allows users to generate a single map of the entire US in the built-in map viewer.

  • Complete Long Form Dataset on a SINGLE DVD
  • Updated and Improved Census Tract & Block Group Boundaries
  • Upgraded Version of the Map Viewer


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