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Geocoding, Zip+4, Site Reports

Our geocoding and site selection product lines lets users append demographic data to their files by street addresses, latitude/longitude, or zip+4.
In deciding which product is right for you, you need to answer only three simple questions:

  1. Do you want information for a radius around your address or do you want the information for just the block group or tract in which your address is located?
    The Site Report will run 3 concentric radii around your address whereas the GeocodingDVD will give you information for the exact block group or tract within which your address is located.

  2. Do you have a full street address or only the zip+4?
    To use either the Site Report or the GeocodingDVD you need a full mailing address whereas the Zip+4 product only needs the 9-digit zip code.

  3. Do you have a handful of addresses or do you have hundreds, thousands or even millions?
    The GeocodingDVD and the Zip+4 product work well for a handful or millions of addresses – they can do either. The Site Report will only do one address at a time. So if you have a lot of addresses then you should consider getting the Batch Site Report or the Site Report API

To optimize your selection here’s a brief description of each product and their best usage.
  • GeocodingDVD - allows you to look up addresses and append the corresponding US population statistics for the immediate area (Block Group or Tract). This can be done for an individual address (manual mode) or for thousands or millions of addresses (batch mode). In either case you can choose to append demographic variables to your address to help you define the area and profile your customers. You also get a map that shows the location of your address(es).
  • Geocoding API Tool Kit - Add geocoding capabilities to any Windows® based application that you are building. The Geocoding API Tool Kit is a set of programming and data tools that allow a programmer to add geocoding capabilities to a project. The set includes geocoding database files, application extensions, header files, documentation, and programming samples. At this time, the API is available for Microsoft’s .NET platform only
  • Site Report - gives users the tools to determine prime site selection with an extremely fast and easy-to-use product. Our Site Report provides a detailed demographic report from the latest American Community Survey, Current Year Estimates and 5-Year Projected data in 3-rings around a target address. Demographic variables include items such as population, income, employment, education, etc. There’s even a map showing you the radii.
  • Batch Site Report allows the user to run a 3-ring analysis study around a whole database of addresses simultaneously. The output will be detailed demographic reports for each of the 3 radii around each of your listed addresses. Includes data from the latest American Community Survey, Current Year Estimates and 5-Year Projected data for such variables as population, income, educational attainment, housing variables, and more.
  • Site Report API Tool Kit– allows the user to build in site reporting calculations into their existing code. Thus you can process an address and incorporate the output data within your existing structure. It allows for the flexibility of any size radii selection.
  • Zip+4 - Zip+4 includes Latitude, Longitude, 2010 Block, Block Group, Tract, County, and State codes, as well as an additional 130 demographic variables from the latest American Community Survey (ACS) that can be appended to your zip+4 records. The expanded version of Zip+4 also appends data from our Current Year Estimates and 5-Year Projections so you can have even more current demographic data appended to your zip+4 records.
  • StreetDVD - Over 100 geographic layers and GIS data from the 2009 TIGER/Line® Shapefile that are already formatted and ready for you to use in your GIS mapping software packages, at a very reasonable price.


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