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FeaturesVariables Order

Geographic Identifiers

GI LAT Latitude
GI LON Longitude
GI SQMILES Square Miles
GI STUSAB State Abbreviation
GI REGION State Region Code
GI DIVISION State Division Code
GI STATECE State Census Code
GI STNAME State Name
GI MACODE Metropolitan Area Code
GI MANAME Metropolitan Area Name
GI CBSANAME Core Based Statistical Area Name
GI CBSACODE Core Based Statistical Area Code
GI CNTYNAM County Name
GI PONAME Post Office Name
GI TractQ Qualified Tract

Variables from 2000 Census

PE TotPop0 2000Total Population
PE UrbArea0 2000  Population in Urban Areas
PE RurArea0 2000  Population in Rural Areas:Not Farms
PE Farm0 2000  Rural Population on Farms
PE TTPop0 2000Age, Total
PE Age4y0 2000  Age, 0-4
PE Age17y0 2000  Age, 5-17
PE Age24y0 2000  Age, 18-24
PE Age34y0 2000  Age, 25-34
PE Age44y0 2000  Age, 35-44
PE Age54y0 2000  Age, 45-54
PE Age64y0 2000  Age, 55-64
PE Age65y0 2000  Age, 65+
PE PopHH0 2000Population in Households, Total
PE FamHH0 2000  Population in family HH
PE HHolder0 2000  Family HH, Householder
PE Child0 2000  Family HH, Child
PE GrandC0 2000  Family HH, Grandchild
PE Sibling0 2000  Family HH, Sibling
PE Parent0 2000  Family HH, Parent
PE OthRel0 2000  Family HH, Other relative
PE NonRel0 2000  Family HH, Nonrelative
PE NonFam0 2000  Population in non-family HH
PE Alone0 2000   Non-family, Living alone
PE NotAln0 2000   Non-family, Not living alone
PE GrpQrt0 2000Population in Group Quarters
PE Instit0 2000  Institutionalized
PE NonInst0 2000  Institutionalized
PE MarStat0 2000Marital Status, Population 15+, Total
PE NevMar0 2000  Never married
PE Married0 2000  Married
PE Widow0 2000  Widowed
PE Divorc0 2000  Divorced / Separated
PE GrndPr0 2000Grandparents living w/ grandchildren, Total
PE GrPResp0 2000  Responsible for grandchildren
PE GrPnoR0 2000  Not responsible for grandchildren
PE Residen0 2000Residence 5 Years Prior to Census: Pop 5+
PE SameH0 2000  Residence in same house
PE SmaeCo0 2000  Residence in same county
PE SameSt0 2000  Residence in same state
PE DiffSt0 2000  Residence in different state
PE PuertoR0 2000  Residence in Puerto Rice
PE Elsewhr0 2000  Residence elsewhere
PE Vet0 2000Veteran Population by Sex and Age (18+)
PE MVet0 2000  Male veterans: 18 to 64
PE FVet0 2000  Female veterans: 18 to 64
PE M65Vet0 2000  Males veteran: 65 and over
PE F65Vet0 2000  Females veteran: 65 and over
PE Race0 2000Race
PE White0 2000  White
PE Black0 2000  Black or African American
PE AmInd0 2000  Native American & Alaskan
PE Asian0 2000  Asian
PE Hawaii0 2000  Hawaiian and Pacific Islander
PE OthRace0 2000  Some other race
PE 2Races0 2000  Two or more races
PE Hispan0 2000Hispanic or Latino
PE WhNoHsp0 2000  White, not Hispanic
HH TotHH0 2000Total Households by Type
HH FmHH0 2000  Family Households
HH MarKid0 2000  Family HH, Married w/ children 0-17
HH MrNoKid0 2000  Family HH, Married, no children under 18
HH TotHH0 2000Total Households by Type
HH FmHH0 2000  Family Households
HH MarKid0 2000  Family HH, Married w/ children 0-17
HH MrNoKid0 2000  Family HH, Married, no children under 18
HH MKid0 2000  Family HH, Male, no wife, w/ children
HH MNoKid0 2000  Family HH, Male, no wife or children
HH FKid0 2000  Family HH, Female, no husband, w/ child.
HH FNoKid0 2000  Family HH, Female, no husband or child
HH NoFmHH0 2000  Nonfamily Households
HH Single0 2000  Single Person HH
ED Pop3Ov0 2000School Enrollment, Population 3+
ED NursPub0 2000  Nursery, preschool, & kindergarten
ED PublicS0 2000  Grades 1-12, Public School
ED PrivS0 2000  Grades 1-12, Private School
ED ClGrPro0 2000  College, graduate, & professional
ED NoSchl0 2000  College, graduate, & professional
ED Educat0 2000Educational Attainment, Population 25+
ED TT8gr0 2000  No schooling to 8th grade
ED TT12gr0 2000  9th to 12th grade, no diploma
ED TTHS0 2000  High school graduate
ED TTSmCol0 2000  Some college
ED TTAssoc0 2000  Associate degree
ED TTBach0 2000  Bachelor degree
ED TTGrad0 2000  Graduate or professional
ED SexEdu0 2000Sex by Educational Attainment, Pop 25+
ED M8gr0 2000  Males less than 9th grade
ED M12gr0 2000  Males 9th to 12th grade, no diploma
ED MHS0 2000  Males high school graduate
ED MSomCol0 2000  Males some college
ED MAssoc0 2000  Males associate degree
ED MBach0 2000  Males bachelor degree
ED MGrad0 2000  Males graduate or professional
ED F8gr0 2000  Females less than 9th grade
ED F12gr0 2000  Females 9th to 12th grade, no diploma
ED FHS0 2000  Females high school graduate
ED FSoFCol0 2000  Females some college
ED FAssoc0 2000  Females associate degree
ED FBach0 2000  Females bachelor degree
ED FGrad0 2000  Females graduate or professional
EM TrnsWk0 2000Transportation to Work: Population 16+
EM DrvAlon0 2000  Drove alone
EM Carpool0 2000  Carpooled
EM PublicT0 2000  Public Transportation
EM Bike0 2000  Bicycled, Walked
EM WkHom0 2000  Worked at home
EM TrvTim0 2000Travel Time to Work: Population 16+
EM Trv29m0 2000  Travel time to work: less 30 minutes
EM Trv59m0 2000  Travel time to work: 30 to 59
EM Trv60m0 2000  Travel time to work: 60+ minutes
EM Employ0 2000Employment Status by Sex: Pop 16+
EM MArmFrc0 2000  Males in armed forces
EM MEmploy0 2000  Male civilians: Employed
EM MUnempl0 2000  Male civilians: Unemployed
EM MNoWork0 2000  Males not in labor force
EM FArmFrc0 2000  Females in armed forces
EM FEmploy0 2000  Female civilians: Employed
EM FUnempl0 2000  Females civilians: Unemployed
EM FNoWork0 2000  Females not in labor force
EM FamEmpl0 2000Families by Parents' Employment
EM BthPEmp0 2000  Both parents in labor force
EM 1PEmpl0 2000  1 parent in labor force
EM NoPEmp0 2000  No parent in labor force
EM Occupat0 2000Occupation, Employed population 16+
EM Managm0 2000  Management and Business Administration
EM Profess0 2000  Professional Specialty occupations
EM ArtSprt0 2000  Art, Entertainment, Sports, Media
EM TechSup0 2000  Technical and Support occupations
EM FireLaw0 2000  Protective & community services
EM FoodPrp0 2000  Food preparation
EM Maintn0 2000  Grounds cleaning/maintenance/laborers
EM PersnCr0 2000  Personal care/service
EM Sales0 2000  Sales and related occupations
EM Office0 2000  Office and admin support
EM FarmFsh0 2000  Farming, fishing & forestry
EM Constrc0 2000  Construction/extraction & repair occup.
EM Produc0 2000  Production occupations
EM Transp0 2000  Material moving workers & transportation
EM Industr0 2000Employment by Industry: Population 16+
EM FrmFish0 2000  Farming, forestry, fishing, hunting, mining
EM Cnstruct0 2000  Construction
EM Manufac0 2000  Manufacturing
EM WholeSa0 2000  Wholesale trade
EM Retail0 2000  Retail trade
EM TrnsUtl0 2000  Transport, warehousing, utilities, wastes
EM Info0 2000  Information Services
EM Finance0 2000  Financial, insurance, real estate, rental
EM Manag0 2000  Management of companies
EM EduServ0 2000  Educational services
EM HlthCr0 2000  Health care and social assistance
EM ArtEnt0 2000  Arts, accommodation, entertainment, rec.
EM OtServ0 2000  Professional and other services
EM PubAdm0 2000  Public administration
EM Class0 2000Class of Worker, Population 16+
EM Salary0 2000  Wage & salary workers, private
EM SelfEmp0 2000  Self-employed workers
EM NonProf0 2000  Non-profit wage and salary workers
EM LocGov0 2000  Local government workers
EM StGov0 2000  State government workers
EM FedGov0 2000  Federal government workers
EM Unpaid0 2000  Unpaid family workers
DS Disabl0 2000Disability by Sex by Employment
DS M64DsE0 2000  Males w/disability & employed: 16-64
DS M64DsU0 2000  Males w/disability, not employed: 16-64
DS M65Ds0 2000  Males w/disability: 65 and over
DS F64DsE0 2000  Females w/disability & employed: 16-64
DS F64DsU0 2000  Females w/disability, not employed: 16-64
DS F65Ds0 2000  Females w/disability: 65 and over
LA HmLng0 2000Home Language: Population 5+
LA Eng0 2000  Speak only English
LA Spn0 2000  Speak Spanish
LA IndoEu0 2000  Speak other Indo-European language
LA AsiPac0 2000  Speak Asian and Pacific languages
LA OthLng0 2000  Speak other languages
LA EngWell0 2000  Non-Eng,Speak English very well or well
LA EngNoW0 2000  Non-Eng,Speak English not well or not at all
LA CitzStat0 2000Citizenship Status
LA Citizen0 2000  Native Citizen
LA NatCz0 2000  Foreign born, naturalized citizen
LA NotCz0 2000  Foreign born, not a citizen
LA FornBrn0 2000Place of Birth, Foreign Borns
LA Europ0 2000  Europe
LA Asia0 2000  Asia
LA Africa0 2000  Africa
LA Oceania0 2000  Oceania
LA LatAm0 2000  Latin America
LA NorthAm0 2000  Northern America
LA AtSea0 2000  Born at Sea
IN HHIncom0 2000Household Income
IN 10HHI0 2000  Less than $10,000
IN 15HHIn0 2000  $10,000 to $14,999
IN 20HHIn0 2000  $15,000 to $19,999
IN 25HHIn0 2000  $20,000 to $24,999
IN 30HHIn0 2000  $25,000 to $29,999
IN 35HHIn0 2000  $30,000 to $34,999
IN 40HHIn0 2000  $35,000 to $39,999
IN 45HHIn0 2000  $40,000 to $44,999
IN 50HHIn0 2000  $45,000 to $49,999
IN 60HHIn0 2000  $50,000 to $59,999
IN 75HHIn0 2000  $60,000 to $74,999
IN 100HHIn0 2000  $75,000 to $99,999
IN 125HHIn0 2000  $100,000 to $124,999
IN 150HHIn0 2000  $125,000 to $149,999
IN 151HHin0 2000  $150,000 or more
IN MedHHIn0 2000Median HH Income
IN AggHHIn0 2000Aggregate HH Income
IN MedInW0 2000Median HH Income (White)
IN MedInB0 2000Median HH Income (Black)
IN MedInNA0 2000Median HH Income (Native American)
IN MedINAs0 2000Median HH Income (Asian)
IN MedInPc0 2000Median HH Income (Pacific Islander)
IN MedInOt0 2000Median HH Income (Other)
IN MedIn20 2000Median HH Income (2+ Races)
IN MedInHs0 2000Median HH Income (Hispanic)
IN MdInNHW0 2000Median HH Income (Non-Hispanic White)
IN HHWSal0 2000HHs with wage or salary income
IN HHSEmp0 2000HHs with self-employment income
IN HHInt0 2000HHs with self-employment income
IN HHSS0 2000HHs with social & supplement. security inc
IN HHPA0 2000HHs with public assistance income
IN HHRtr0 2000HHs with retirement income
IN HHOth0 2000HHs with other types of income
IN MdNFIn0 2000Median Nonfamily Income
IN PCapIn0 2000Per Capita Income in 1999
IN MdErnM0 2000Median earnings males
IN MdErnF0 2000Median earnings females
IN FamIncm0 2000Family Income
IN 10FmIn0 2000   Less than $10,000
IN 15FmIn0 2000   $10,000 to $14,999
IN 20FmIn0 2000   $15,000 to $19,999
IN 25FmIn0 2000   $20,000 to $24,999
IN 30FmIn0 2000   $25,000 to $29,999
IN 35FmIn0 2000   $30,000 to $34,999
IN 40FmIn0 2000   $35,000 to $39,999
IN 45FmIn0 2000   $40,000 to $44,999
IN 50FmIn0 2000   $45,000 to $49,999
IN 60FmIn0 2000   $50,000 to $59,999
IN 75FmIn0 2000   $60,000 to $74,999
IN 100FmIn0 2000   $75,000 to $99,999
IN 125FmIn0 2000   $100,000 to $124,999
IN 150FmIn0 2000   $125,000 to $149,999
IN 151FmIn0 2000   $150,000 or more
IN MdFamIn0 2000Median Family Income
PV PovStat0 2000Poverty Status by Age
PV 5BPov0 2000  Income below poverty level: Under 5
PV 11BPov0 2000  Income below poverty level: 5 to 11
PV 17BPov0 2000  Income below poverty level: 12 to 17
PV 64BPov0 2000  Income below poverty level: 18 to 64
PV 74BPov0 2000  Income below poverty level: 65 to 74
PV 75BPov0 2000  Income below poverty level: 75 & over
PV 5APov0 2000  Income at or above poverty level: Under
PV 11APov0 2000  Income at or above poverty level: 5 to 11
PV 17APov0 2000  Income at or above poverty level: 12 to 17
PV 64APov0 2000  Income at or above poverty level: 18 to 64
PV 74APov0 2000  Income at or above poverty level: 65 to 74
PV 75APov0 2000  Income at/above poverty level: 75 & over
PV PovRace0 2000Income Below Poverty by Race
PV BPovW0 2000  Income below poverty: White alone
PV BPovB0 2000  Income below poverty: Black alone
PV BPovN0 2000  Income below poverty: Native Am. Alone
PV BPovA0 2000  Income below poverty: Asian alone
PV BPovP0 2000  Income below poverty: Pacific Isl. alone
PV BPovO0 2000  Income below poverty: Other race alone
PV BPovX0 2000  Income below poverty: 2 or more races
PV BPovH0 2000Income below poverty: Hispanic
HU OwOcHU0 2000  Occupied Housing: Owner Occupied
HU RnOcHU0 2000  Occupied Housing: Renter Occupied
HU VacHU0 2000  Vacant Housing Units
HU HHSize0 2000Household Size: Total Occup. Housing
HU 1perHH0 2000  1 person Households
HU 2perHH0 2000  2 person Households
HU 3perHH0 2000  3 person Households
HU 4perHH0 2000  4 person Households
HU 5perHH0 2000  5+ person Households
HU Units0 2000Units in Structure
HU 1UnitD0 2000  Units in Structure: 1, detached
HU 1UnitAt0 2000  Units in Structure: 1, attached
HU 4Units0 2000  Units in Structure: 2-4
HU 19Units0 2000  Units in Structure: 5-19
HU 20Units0 2000  Units in Structure: 20 or more
HU MblRVVn0 2000  Mobile Home, Boat, RV, Van, Other
HU YearBlt0 2000Year Structure Built: Total Housing
HU 2000Blt0 2000  Year Structure Built: 1999 - March 2000
HU 1998Blt0 2000  Year Structure Built: 1995-1998
HU 1994Blt0 2000  Year Structure Built: 1990-1994
HU 1989Blt0 2000  Year Structure Built: 1980-1989
HU 1979Blt0 2000  Year Structure Built: 1970-1979
HU 1969Blt0 2000  Year Structure Built: 1960-1969
HU 1959Blt0 2000  Year Structure Built: 1950-1959
HU 1949Blt0 2000  Year Structure Built: 1940-1949
HU 1939Blt0 2000  Year Structure Built: 1939 or earlier
HU MdYrBlt0 2000Median Year Built
HU Bedroom0 2000Total Bedrooms
HU NoBr0 2000  Total Bedrooms: no Bedroom
HU 1Br0 2000  Total Bedrooms: 1
HU 2Br0 2000  Total Bedrooms: 2
HU 3Br0 2000  Total Bedrooms: 3
HU 4Br0 2000  Total Bedrooms: 4+
HU Vehicle0 2000Vehicles Available
HU NoCar0 2000  No vehicle available
HU 1Car0 2000  1 vehicle available
HU 2Car0 2000  2 vehicles available
HU 3Car0 2000  3+ vehicles available
HU Heating0 2000House Heating Fuel: Total Occup. Housing
HU Gas0 2000  Utility Gas
HU Lpgas0 2000  Bottle, Tank or LP gas
HU Electric0 2000  Electricity
HU Oil0 2000  Fuel oil, Kerosene
HU Coal0 2000  Coal or Coke
HU Wood0 2000  Wood
HU Solar0 2000  Solar Energy
HU OthFuel0 2000  Other Fuel
HU NoFuel0 2000  No Fuel Used
HU Plumb0 2000No Fuel Used
HU Kitchen0 2000Lacking Complete Kitchen Facilities
HU Telephn0 2000No Telephone Service
OW ValOwnr0 2000Value of Specified Owner Occ Housing
OW 30Val0 2000  Under $30,000
OW 60Val0 2000  $30,000-$59,999
OW 100Val0 2000  $60,000-$99,999
OW 200Val0 2000  $100,000-$199,999
OW 300Val0 2000  $200,000-$299,999
OW 500Val0 2000  $300,000-499,999
OW 501Val0 2000  $500,000 and over
OW MedValO0 2000Median Value, Owner Occupied Housing
OW AggValO0 2000Average Value, Owner Occupied Housing
OW MedVMbl0 2000Median Value of Mobile Homes
OW Hmrtg0 2000Mortgage, Specified Owner Housing
OW HUMortg0 2000  Housing Units with Mortgage
OW HUNoMrt0 2000  Housing Units without Mortgage
OW MortCst0 2000Mortgage & Costs, Specified Owner
OW 500Cost0 2000  With Mortgage: under $500
OW 800Cost0 2000  With Mortgage: $500-$699
OW 1250Cst0 2000  With Mortgage: $700-$1,499
OW 1999Cst0 2000  With Mortgage: $1,500-$1,999
OW 2000Cst0 2000  With Mortgage: $2,000 or more
OW 250NoMo0 2000  Without Mortgage: under $200
OW 400NoMo0 2000  Without Mortgage: $200-$399
OW 401NoMo0 2000   Without Mortgage: $400 or more
OW MdCsPct0 2000Median Monthly cost as % of HH Inc
OW MdCsM0 2000Median cost as % of HH Inc w/ Mort.
OW MdCsNM0 2000Median cost as % of HH Inc w/o Mort.
RE GrossRnt0 2000Gross Rent: Renter Occupied Housing
RE 200Rnt0 2000  Less than $200
RE 300Rnt0 2000  $200 to $299
RE 500Rnt0 2000  $300 to $499
RE 750Rnt0 2000  $500 to $749
RE 1000Rnt0 2000  $750 to $999
RE 1001Rnt0 2000  $1000 or more
RE NoRent0 2000  No Cash Rent
RE MdGrsRn0 2000Median Gross Rent
RE MedInRn0 2000Median Gross Rent as % of HH Income
RE IncluUt0 2000Inclusion of Utilities in Rent
RE UtilIncl0 2000  Utilities: Included in Rent
RE UtilExtr0 2000  Utilities: Pay extra for 1 or more

Variables from Current Year Estimates

K001 eSTOTPOP Total estimated Population
K001 eSTOTCNPOPTotal Census 2000 Population
K001 eSPOPCHPCTPop Change (per cent)
K001 eSPOPDENS Population Density
K001 eSPOP0_5 Pop age 0-5
K001 eSPOP6_17 Pop age 6-17
K001 eSPOP0_4 Population 0-4
K001 eSPOP5_9 Population 5-9
K001 eSPOP10_14Population 10-14
K001 eSPOP15_29Population 15-20
K001 eSPOP20_24Population 20-24
K001 eSPOP25_29Population 25-29
K001 eSPOP30_34Population 30-34
K001 eSPOP35_39Population 35-39
K001 eSPOP40_44Population 40-44
K001 eSPOP45_49Population 45-49
K001 eSPOP50_54Population 50-54
K001 eSPOP55_59Population 55-59
K001 eSPOP60_64Population 60-64
K001 eSPOP65_69Population 65-69
K001 eSPOP70_74Population 70-74
K001 eSPOP75_79Population 75-79
K001 eSPOP80_84Population 80-84
K001 eSPOP85P Population 85 plus
K001 eSMEDAGE Median Age
K001 eSPOPWA Total White Alone population
K001 eSPOPBA Total Black Alone population
K001 eSPOPNA Total Native Americans Alone population
K001 eSPOPAA Total Asian Alone population
K001 eSPOPPA Total Pacific Alone population
K001 eSPOPR2 Total 2 or more races population
K001 eSPOPHS Total Hispanic population
K001 eSPOPWN Total White non-Hispanic population
K001 eSTOTMALESTotal Males
K001 eSTOTFEMALTotal Females
K001 eSPOPWAM Total White Males Alone
K001 eSPOPBAM Total Black Males Alone
K001 eSPOPNAM Total Native Americans Males Alone
K001 eSPOPAAM Total Asian Males Alone
K001 eSPOPPAM Total Pacific Males Alone
K001 eSPOPR2M Total 2 or more races Males
K001 eSPOPHSM Total Hispanic Males
K001 eSPOPWNM Total White Alone non-Hispanic Males
K001 eSPOPWAF Total White Females Alone
K001 eSPOPBAF Total Black Females Alone
K001 eSPOPNAF Total Native Americans Females Alone
K001 eSPOPAAF Total Asian Females Alone
K001 eSPOPPAF Total Pacific Females Alone
K001 eSPOPR2F Total 2 or more races Females
K001 eSPOPHSF Total Hispanic Females
K001 eSPOPWNF Total White non-Hispanic Females
K001 ESPOPGRQ Total Population in Group Quarters;
K001 eSTOTHH Total estimated Households
K001 eSTOTCNSHHTotal Census 2000 Households
K001 eSHHCHGE Household Change
K001 eSAVGHHSZEAverage HH Size
K001 eSONEPRSHHOne Person Households
K001 eSTOTFAM Total Families
K001 eSTOTHU Total Housing Units
K001 eSHUOWNER Owner
K001 eSHUVACANTVacant Housing Units
K001 eSHUNDR10KHH w/ income under $10,000
K001 eSH10_15 HH w/ income $10,000-$14,999
K001 eSH15_20 HH w/ income $15,000-$19,999
K001 eSH20_25 HH w/ income $20,000-$24,999
K001 eSH25_30 HH w/ income $25,000-$29,999
K001 eSH30_35 HH w/ income $30,000-$34,999
K001 eSH35_40 HH w/ income $35,000-$39,999
K001 eSH40_45 HH w/ income $40,000-$44,999
K001 eSH45_50 HH w/ income $45,000-$49,999
K001 eSH50_60 HH w/ income $50,000-$59,999
K001 eSH60_75 HH w/ income $60,000-$74,999
K001 eSH75_100 HH w/ income $75,000-$99,999
K001 eSH100_125HH w/ income $100,000-$124,999
K001 eSH125_150HH w/ income $125,000-$149,999
K001 eSH125_150HH w/ income $125,000-$149,999
K001 eSH200KP HH w/ income $200,000+
K001 eSHMEDINC Median HH income
K001 eSHAGGINC Aggregate HH Income
K001 eSHAVGINC Average HH Income
K001 eSPERCPINCPer Capita Income

Variables from 5-Year Projections

K001 pSTOTPOP Total estimated Population
K001 pSTOTCNPOPTotal Census 2000 Population
K001 pSPOPCHPCTPop Change (per cent)
K001 pSPOPDENS Population Density
K001 pSPOP0_5 Pop age 0-5
K001 pSPOP6_17 Pop age 6-17
K001 pSPOP0_4 Population 0-4
K001 pSPOP5_9 Population 5-9
K001 pSPOP10_14Population 10-14
K001 pSPOP15_29Population 15-20
K001 pSPOP20_24Population 20-24
K001 pSPOP25_29Population 25-29
K001 pSPOP30_34Population 30-34
K001 pSPOP35_39Population 35-39
K001 pSPOP40_44Population 40-44
K001 pSPOP45_49Population 45-49
K001 pSPOP50_54Population 50-54
K001 pSPOP55_59Population 55-59
K001 pSPOP60_64Population 60-64
K001 pSPOP65_69Population 65-69
K001 pSPOP70_74Population 70-74
K001 pSPOP75_79Population 75-79
K001 pSPOP80_84Population 80-84
K001 pSPOP85P Population 85 plus
K001 pSMEDAGE Median Age
K001 pSPOPWA Total White Alone population
K001 pSPOPBA Total Black Alone population
K001 pSPOPNA Total Native Americans Alone population
K001 pSPOPAA Total Asian Alone population
K001 pSPOPPA Total Pacific Alone population
K001 pSPOPR2 Total 2 or more races population
K001 pSPOPHS Total Hispanic population
K001 pSPOPHS Total Hispanic population
K001 pSTOTMALESTotal Males
K001 pSTOTFEMALTotal Females
K001 pSPOPWAM Total White Males Alone
K001 pSPOPBAM Total Black Males Alone
K001 pSPOPNAM Total Native Americans Males Alone
K001 pSPOPAAM Total Asian Males Alone
K001 pSPOPPAM Total Pacific Males Alone
K001 pSPOPR2M Total 2 or more races Males
K001 pSPOPHSM Total Hispanic Males
K001 pSPOPWNM Total White Alone non-Hispanic Males
K001 pSPOPWAF Total White Females Alone
K001 pSPOPBAF Total Black Females Alone
K001 pSPOPNAF Total Native Americans Females Alone
K001 pSPOPAAF Total Asian Females Alone
K001 pSPOPPAF Total Pacific Females Alone
K001 pSPOPR2F Total 2 or more races Females
K001 pSPOPHSF Total Hispanic Females
K001 pSPOPWNF Total White non-Hispanic Females
K001 pSTOTHH Total estimated Households
K001 pSTOTCNSHHTotal Census 2000 Households
K001 pSHHCHGE Household Change
K001 pSAVGHHSZEAverage HH Size
K001 pSONEPRSHHOne Person Households
K001 pSTOTFAM Total Families
K001 pSTOTHU Total Housing Units
K001 pSHUOWNER Owner
K001 pSHUVACANTVacant Housing Units
K001 pSHUNDR10KHH w/ income under $10,000
K001 pSH10_15 HH w/ income $10,000-$14,999
K001 pSH15_20 HH w/ income $15,000-$19,999
K001 pSH20_25 HH w/ income $20,000-$24,999
K001 pSH25_30 HH w/ income $25,000-$29,999
K001 pSH30_35 HH w/ income $30,000-$34,999
K001 pSH35_40 HH w/ income $35,000-$39,999
K001 pSH40_45 HH w/ income $40,000-$44,999
K001 pSH45_50 HH w/ income $45,000-$49,999
K001 pSH50_60 HH w/ income $50,000-$59,999
K001 pSH60_75 HH w/ income $60,000-$74,999
K001 pSH75_100 HH w/ income $75,000-$99,999
K001 pSH100_125HH w/ income $100,000-$124,999
K001 pSH125_150HH w/ income $125,000-$149,999
K001 pSH150_200HH w/ income $150,000-$199,999
K001 pSH200KP HH w/ income $200,000+
K001 pSHMEDINC Median HH income
K001 pSHAGGINC Aggregate HH Income
K001 pSHAVGINC Average HH Income
K001 pSPERCPINCPer Capita Income


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