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Our Site Report product is easy to use yet the results are very powerful. Site Report provides a comprehensive report of demographic data from the most recent American Community Survey (ACS), and the current year estimates, and 5-year projections in 3 rings around your target address. Population, race, income, education, and other demographic variables are delivered in detailed and accurate site reports. Site Report offers superior desktop power to run reports as needed and when needed, so you do not have to rely on expensive consultants to run reports for you. The Site Report interface is so user-friendly that anyone can use the software to explore business options and marketing potential.

Screen Shot
Easy-to-Use Interface

Just enter a latitude and longitude or a street address, choose up to 3 distances to run as rings around your location, then hit OK. It's that easy!

The demographic data on our Site Report are based on the official US Census and from GeoLytics proprietary estimates and projections. The variable groups included in the Site Report are: Persons, Race, Households, Families, Language, Employment, Education, Disabilities, Veterans, Income, Poverty, Housing, Renters, and Owners.

Screen Shot
Report with 3 Columns of Data

To view a sample demographic report from our Site Report, click on Sample Report.

To view a sample map from our Site Report, click on Sample Map.

To see a complete list of variables, Click Here.

To run a free site report click here.

Screen Shot
Map with 3 Radii Drawn


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