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StreetDVD 2009

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StreetDVD 2009 has a much expanded and improved data set compiled from the 2009 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles

StreetDVD 2009 is an integrated data product that gives you all the layers of the 2009 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles at a reduced cost and is easy to download the formatted Census files. Our StreetDVD 2009 gives you the complete set of Census layers compressed and formatted onto three easy-to-use DVDs.

StreetDVD is an all in one product that combines geographic data with a user friendly interface for quick and easy data extractions. This product also has GeoLytics familiar mapping capability, instantaneous export to ArcGIS and Mapinfo formats, and a host of other utilities that will enhance productivity in your organization without having to read hard-to-understand manuals.

StreetDVD 2009 is extremely easy to use. You just click on the layer you want, pick the geography, run and/or export your selection, and view the geographic data, that's it! It has incredible functionality, displaying and exporting your data quickly. No need to connect to the Internet, have long download waits, or worry when your connection goes down ever again.

StreetDVD 2009

StreetDVD 2009 includes:
  • Congressional and State House Districts
  • 3-Digit and 5-Digit Zip Code Tabulation Areas
  • All interstates, highways, major roads, and local streets
  • Census boundaries and school districts
  • Voting districts and Traffic Analysis Zones
  • Railroads, Amtrak stations, rail transfer facilities, and more
  • Hydrology, rivers, waterways, lakes, and more
  • Landmarks, airports, schools, hospitals, parks, and more
  • Comprehensive coverage of the U.S. and U.S. territories
StreetDVD 2009 advantages:
  • Available on multipleDVDs for the whole nation
  • Export in multiple GIS formats (ArcGIS, MapInfo)
  • Built-in Map Viewer


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