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FeaturesVariables Order

The most recent American Community Survey variables at the Block Group level

AREAKEYZIP+4 (9-digit Zone Improvement Plan) Code
LATZIP+4 Latitude
LONZIP+4 Longitude
BLOCKZIP+4 Associated 2010 Census Block
BLKGRP2010 Census Block Group
STATECEState Census Code
STNAMEState Name
STUSABState Abbreviation
REGIONState Region Code
DIVISIONState Division Code
CNTYNAMCounty Name
MACODEMetropolitan Area Code
MANAMEMetropolitan Area Name
CBSANAMECore Based Statistical Area Name (CBSA Name)
CBSACODECore Based Statistical Area Code (CBSA Code)
CBSATYPECBSA Type (1-Metropolitan, 2-Micropolitan)
PONAMEPost Office Name
ACSAGE4Y0Age, 0-4
ACSAGE17Y0Age, 5-17
ACSAGE59Age 5-9
ACSAGE1014Age 10-14
ACSAGE1519Age 15-19
ACSAGE2024Age 20-24
ACSAGE34Y0Age, 25-34
ACSAGE44Y0Age, 35-44
ACSAGE54Y0Age, 45-54
ACSAGE64Y0Age, 55-64
ACSAGE65Y0Age, 65+
MARSTAT0Marital Status, Population 15+, Total
NEVMAR0Never married
DIVORC0Divorced or Separated
BLACK0Black or African American
AMIND0 Native American and Alaskan
HAWAII0Hawaiian and Pacific Islander
OTHRACE0Some other race
TWORACES0Two or more races
HISPAN0Hispanic or Latino
WHNOHSP0White, not Hispanic
TOTHH0Total Households by Type
FMHH0Family Households
MARKID0Family HH, Married Couple
MKID0Family HH, Male, no wife
FKID0Family HH, Female, no husband
NOFMHH0Nonfamily Households
SINGLE0Single Person HH
EDUCAT0Educational Attainment, Population 25+
TT8GR0No schooling to 8th grade
TT12GR09th to 12th grade, no diploma
TTHS0High school graduate
TTSMCOL0Some college
TTASSOC0Associate degree
TTBACH0Bachelor degree
TTGRAD0Graduate or professional
EMPLOY0Employment Status by Sex: Pop 16+
MARMFRC0Males in armed forces
MEMPLOY0Male civilians: Employed
MUNEMPL0Male civilians: Unemployed
MNOWORK0Males not in labor force
FARMFRC0Females in armed forces
FEMPLOY0Female civilians: Employed
FUNEMPL0Females civilians: Unemployed
FNOWORK0Females not in labor force
HHINCOM0Household Income
INC10HH0Less than $10,000
INC15HH0$10,000 to $14,999
INC20HH0$15,000 to $19,999
INC25HH0$20,000 to $24,999
INC30HH0$25,000 to $29,999
INC35HH0$30,000 to $34,999
INC40HH0$35,000 to $39,999
INC45HH0$40,000 to $44,999
INC50HH0$45,000 to $49,999
INC60HH0$50,000 to $59,999
INC75HH0$60,000 to $74,999
INC100HH0$75,000 to $99,999
INC125HH0$100,000 to $124,999
INC150HH0$125,000 to $149,999
INC200HH0$150,000 to $199.999
INC201HH0$200,000 or more
MEDHHIN0Median HH Income
AGGHHIN0Aggregate HH Income
PCAPIN0Per Capita Income in 1999
MDFAMIN0Median Family Income
ACSTOTHUTotal Housing Units
ACSOWOCHU0Occupied Housing: Owner Occupied
ACSRNOCHU0Occupied Housing: Renter Occupied
ACSVACHU0Vacant Housing Units
ACSAVGHHSZAverage Household Size
UNITS0Units in Structure
UNIT1D0Units in Structure: 1, detached
UNIT1AT0Units in Structure: 1, attached
UNIT4S0Units in Structure: 2-4
UNIT19S0Units in Structure: 5-19
UNIT20S0Units in Structure: 20 or more
MBLRVVN0Mobile Home, Boat, RV, Van, Other
MDYRBLT0Median Year Built
VALOWNR0Value of Specified Owner Occ Housing
H30VAL0Under $30,000
H501VAL0$500,000 and over
MEDVALO0Median Value, Owner Occupied Housing
AGGVALO0Average Value, Owner Occupied Housing
GROSSRNT0Gross Rent: Renter Occupied Housing
G200RNT0Less than $200
G300RNT0$200 to $299
G500RNT0$300 to $499
G750RNT0$500 to $749
G1000RNT0$750 to $999
G1001RNT0$1000 or more
NORENT0No Cash Rent
MDGRSRN0Median Gross Rent

Current year Estimates

eSTOTPOPTotal estimated Population
eSTOTCNPOPTotal Census 2000 Population
eSPOPCHPCTPop Change (per cent)
eSPOPDENS Population Density
eSPOP0_5Pop age 0-5
eSPOP6_17 Pop age 6-17
eSPOP0_4Population 0-4
eSPOP5_9Population 5-9
eSPOP10_14Population 10-14
eSPOP15_19Population 15-19
eSPOP20_24Population 20-24
eSPOP25_29Population 25-29
eSPOP30_34Population 30-34
eSPOP35_39Population 35-39
eSPOP40_44Population 40-44
eSPOP45_49Population 45-49
eSPOP50_54Population 50-54
eSPOP55_59Population 55-59
eSPOP60_64Population 60-64
eSPOP65_69Population 65-69
eSPOP70_74Population 70-74
eSPOP75_79Population 75-79
eSPOP80_84Population 80-84
eSPOP85PPopulation 85 plus
eSMEDAGEMedian Age
eSPOPWA Total White Alone population
eSPOPBA Total Black Alone population
eSPOPNA Total Native Americans Alone population
eSPOPAA Total Asian Alone population
eSPOPPA Total Pacific Alone population
eSPOPR2 Total 2 or more races population
eSPOPHS Total Hispanic population
eSPOPWN Total White non-Hispanic population
eSTOTFEMALTotal Females
eSPOPWAMTotal White Males Alone
eSPOPBAMTotal Black Males Alone
eSPOPNAMTotal Native Americans Males Alone
eSPOPAAMTotal Asian Males Alone
eSPOPPAMTotal Pacific Males Alone
eSPOPR2MTotal 2 or more races Males
eSPOPHSMTotal Hispanic Males
eSPOPWNMTotal White Alone non-Hispanic Males
eSPOPWAFTotal White Females Alone
eSPOPBAFTotal Black Females Alone
eSPOPNAFTotal Native Americans Females Alone
eSPOPAAFTotal Asian Females Alone
eSPOPPAFTotal Pacific Females Alone
eSPOPR2FTotal 2 or more races Females
eSPOPHSFTotal Hispanic Females
eSPOPWNFTotal White non-Hispanic Females
eSPOPGRQTotal Population in Group Quarters
eSTOTHH Total estimated Households
eSTOTCNSHHTotal Census 2000 Households
eSHHCHGEHousehold Change
eSONEPRSHHOne Person Households
eSTOTFAMTotal Families
eSTOTHU Total Housing Units
eSHUVACANTVacant Housing Units
eSHUNDR10KHH w/ income under $10,000
eSH10_15HH w/ income $10,000-$14,999
eSH15_20HH w/ income $15,000-$19,999
eSH20_25HH w/ income $20,000-$24,999
eSH25_30HH w/ income $25,000-$29,999
eSH30_35HH w/ income $30,000-$34,999
eSH35_40HH w/ income $35,000-$39,999
eSH40_45HH w/ income $40,000-$44,999
eSH45_50HH w/ income $45,000-$49,999
eSH50_60HH w/ income $50,000-$59,999
eSH60_75HH w/ income $60,000-$74,999
eSH75_100 HH w/ income $75,000-$99,999
eSH100_125HH w/ income $100,000-$124,999
eSH125_150HH w/ income $125,000-$149,999
eSH150_200HH w/ income $150,000-$199,999
eSH200KPHH w/ income $200,000+
eSHMEDINC Median HH income
eSHAGGINC Aggregate HH Income
eSHAVGINC Average HH Income
eSPERCPINCPer Capita Income

5-year Projections

pSTOTPOPTotal estimated Population
pSTOTCNPOPTotal Census 2000 Population
pSPOPCHPCTPop Change (per cent)
pSPOPDENS Population Density
pSPOP0_5Pop age 0-5
pSPOP6_17 Pop age 6-17
pSPOP0_4Population 0-4
pSPOP5_9Population 5-9
pSPOP10_14Population 10-14
pSPOP15_19Population 15-19
pSPOP20_24Population 20-24
pSPOP25_29Population 25-29
pSPOP30_34Population 30-34
pSPOP35_39Population 35-39
pSPOP40_44Population 40-44
pSPOP45_49Population 45-49
pSPOP50_54Population 50-54
pSPOP55_59Population 55-59
pSPOP60_64Population 60-64
pSPOP65_69Population 65-69
pSPOP70_74Population 70-74
pSPOP75_79Population 75-79
pSPOP80_84Population 80-84
pSPOP85PPopulation 85 plus
pSMEDAGEMedian Age
pSPOPWA Total White Alone population
pSPOPBA Total Black Alone population
pSPOPNA Total Native Americans Alone population
pSPOPAA Total Asian Alone population
pSPOPPA Total Pacific Alone population
pSPOPR2 Total 2 or more races population
pSPOPHS Total Hispanic population
pSPOPWN Total White non-Hispanic population
pSTOTFEMALTotal Females
pSPOPWAMTotal White Males Alone
pSPOPBAMTotal Black Males Alone
pSPOPNAMTotal Native Americans Males Alone
pSPOPAAMTotal Asian Males Alone
pSPOPPAMTotal Pacific Males Alone
pSPOPR2MTotal 2 or more races Males
pSPOPHSMTotal Hispanic Males
pSPOPWNMTotal White Alone non-Hispanic Males
pSPOPWAFTotal White Females Alone
pSPOPBAFTotal Black Females Alone
pSPOPNAFTotal Native Americans Females Alone
pSPOPAAFTotal Asian Females Alone
pSPOPPAFTotal Pacific Females Alone
pSPOPR2FTotal 2 or more races Females
pSPOPHSFTotal Hispanic Females
pSPOPWNFTotal White non-Hispanic Females
pSPOPGRQTotal Population in Group Quarters
pSTOTHH Total estimated Households
pSTOTCNSHHTotal Census 2000 Households
pSHHCHGEHousehold Change
pSONEPRSHHOne Person Households
pSTOTFAMTotal Families
pSTOTHU Total Housing Units
pSHUVACANTVacant Housing Units
pSHUNDR10KHH w/ income under $10,000
pSH10_15HH w/ income $10,000-$14,999
pSH15_20HH w/ income $15,000-$19,999
pSH20_25HH w/ income $20,000-$24,999
pSH25_30HH w/ income $25,000-$29,999
pSH30_35HH w/ income $30,000-$34,999
pSH35_40HH w/ income $35,000-$39,999
pSH40_45HH w/ income $40,000-$44,999
pSH45_50HH w/ income $45,000-$49,999
pSH50_60HH w/ income $50,000-$59,999
pSH60_75HH w/ income $60,000-$74,999
pSH75_100 HH w/ income $75,000-$99,999
pSH100_125HH w/ income $100,000-$124,999
pSH125_150HH w/ income $125,000-$149,999
pSH150_200HH w/ income $150,000-$199,999
pSH200KPHH w/ income $200,000+
pSHMEDINC Median HH income
pSHAGGINC Aggregate HH Income
pSHAVGINC Average HH Income
pSPERCPINCPer Capita Income


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